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Notes on Preparing tar.gz

Run script

run 0 KEEP (in SOFA/storage) - details below.

Step by Step

  1. empty sofaclean (except for init needed for importing)
  2. add folder called sofastats-n.n.n
  3. copy the bits of sofa.main that we want inside (very similar to portion of DEB packaging script)
  4. copy, README.txt, copyright inside
  5. tar.gz sofastats-n.n.n folder from inside sofaclean with sofastats-n.n.n.tar.gz name notes

Must make it easy for both users and Linux packagers to work with.

  • Copy all files to correct location (including sofarun bash script)
  • Set permissions explicitly to ensure OK
  • create shell script to run application with command sofastats


  • Encourage user that installation is very easy and automated
  • Explain process of running as root or superuser (sudo)
  • Explain process of adding required packages from distro package manager e.g. YaST (openSUSE)

Longer term


I am puzzled by the “chmod -R u=rwx” command, but I will look at it later.

There are still some remaining issues with regards to the packager not knowing which python version will be available when the package is installed, as well as handling the creation of the .pyc files. I recommend the python distutils for these issues, but that is a subject for another post.

In the meantime, those who want to have working pyc files for better performance will need to install the program in a directory where they have write permissions. The shell variables in the install script are helpful here as well, e.g., for someone who has added /home/myname/lib/python to PYTHONPATH,


Regards, Dave

Sourceforge Notes

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