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Backing up

  1. Click on the Run Backup button
  2. Copy the zip file onto a USB stick - perhaps to take offsite, or to transfer to another computer.

Restoring on another machine

Presumably the new computer doesn't have any existing SOFA analyses or reports you would be worried about wiping over - just an empty SOFA installation.

  1. Transfer the zip file to the Desktop of the new computer
  2. Open the zip file and drill down until you can select the sofastats folder
  3. Extract it to your Desktop
  4. Copy the sofastats folder into the folder containing the sofastats folder on your new computer. There are probably 2 sofastats folders on your new computer - one under your username, and one with the actual sofastats program on it which you can ignore. The first one is the one we are interested in.
  5. Open SOFA - you can see your copied data from the other machine?



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