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Making Charts


SOFA Statistics support making a range of different charts:

  • simple bar charts
  • clustered bar charts
  • pie charts
  • line charts
  • area charts
  • histograms
  • scatter plots
  • box plots

To make a chart, select the chart type, make any settings specific to that type of chart, and click on the “Show Results” button.

Area charts - wide if needed

Area charts can display as wide as necessary to show the data.

Histograms and human-friendly bin ranges

SOFA Statistics endeavours as much as possible to use human-friendly bins e.g. 10 - <20 rather than 9.86-19.54.

Scatter plots and number of data points

Unless the number of data points is too high, SOFA shows each item in a scatter plot as a dynamic item you can interact with:

When it is not practical to show every point, SOFA Statistics shows the scatter plot as a single, non-interactive image:

Usually, SOFA displays dot borders to make it easier to see the data but sometimes they simply get in the way. Fortunately, it is possible to turn them off if required.

Chart series

SOFA lets you produce charts in series e.g. bar charts by a second variable e.g. gender

A video is available showing how to make charts: Making charts video


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