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Filtering Data

Sometimes you want to conduct analyses on a subset of your data e.g. on males only. In SOFA you can apply temporary filters to your data.

Remember: Filters will remain in place
until you close SOFA or deliberately remove them.

  1. Select the table you want to filter
  2. Click on the “Filter” button (or right click on the table) and enter details into the Apply Filter dialog.
  3. Once you have applied you filter, the table name will appear with “(filtered)” at the end until the filter is removed (or SOFA is closed).
  4. Output will show the filter which has been applied
  • You can also modify your filter and apply much more flexible constraints
  • And if your filter is faulty, helpful examples are provided which are appropriate to the type of database you are connecting to (SQLite, MySQL etc).

A video is available showing how to filter your data: Filtering data video

Another video is also available showing a practical scenario where data filtering might be useful:



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