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Installer Packages

SOFA Statistics has installer packages for:

The installer lets you skip adding all the extra packages if you have already installed them in a previous installation of SOFA Statistics.

  • Ubuntu deb package (covers Ubuntu and Linux Mint).

  • Mac dmg package (covers Leopard and Snow Leopard)

The Mac installer, like the Windows installer, lets you opt out of installing some packages e.g. Python if you already have a suitable version installed

If you have another Linux distro you should also be able to get SOFA running using a special installer script in the tar.gz file. See Non-Ubuntu/Debian Linux Installation

If you have any installation problems, please contact

Installing a Newer Version

This should Just Work ;-). The only quirk is that SOFA might rename your existing default_report.htm file to something like default_report_pre_version_x.htm to make sure everything new you make works in the new system. Newer versions of SOFA Statistics sometimes upgrade the underlying Javascript that displays charts in reports and existing charts may get broken by Javascript changes. This should become less of a practical issue over time as SOFA stabilises.

Linux Mint Menu Issue

For some mysterious reason, the SOFA Statistics shortcut (under Other) doesn't work. But there is a simple workaround. Just drag the icon onto the desktop. That icon will work. There seems to be something a little quirky about the Mint Menu.

Screenshot on Three Systems

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