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Making Report Tables

Making a Simple Crosstab Table

On the main SOFA form, click on “Report Tables”,

Let's start with a simple report table of Age Group vs Country. NB all of this data is fictitious and designed to allow features of the program to be demonstrated.

  1. For “Table Type” select “Crosstabs”. A cross tabulation shows one or more variables against one or more other variables e.g. Age Group in the rows and Country in the columns.
  2. We need to add a row so click on “Add” under the “Rows” label
  3. Select “Age Group” and either double click it or select “OK”.

Under the “Columns” label click on “Add” and add Country.

In the demonstration pane below you will either see the table or a rough illustration of what the table will look like (if there is so much data that displaying the actual results may take a while).

If the “Also add to report” button is pressed the output will also be saved to the end of the output file specified to the right of the button.

Extra Configuration of Report Table

Next you may want to configure the rows and/or columns. Let's add a total column and columns for row and column percentages.

  1. Click on “Config” under the “Columns” label
  2. Tick “Total” under the “Misc” heading
  3. Tick “Column %” and “Row %” under the “measures” heading
  4. Click on “OK” to see changes in the table.

If you clicked “Also add to report” (or “Show Results” with “Also add to report” ticked if demonstration results displayed only) you can view the result by clicking on the “View” button. This will open your default web browser so you can see the output of the entire report.

The styling of your table can also be changed - here are some examples of different report tables:

Making a Row Stats Table

Instead of frequencies and percentages, Row Summaries Tables have means, medians, standard deviations etc.

  1. Select “Row Stats” as the report Table Type.
  2. Under the “Cols” label, click on the “Add” button.
  3. The “Variables” dialog will display all numeric variables. Choose one or more.
  4. Clic on “OK” button.

  1. Under the “Cols” label click on the “Config” button.
  2. Select the measures you wish to report on. Hold down Ctrl while making selections to select multiple. Mean is preselected by default.
  3. Click “OK”.

Optionally, you can add a row variable e.g. “Age Group”. Row variables for “Row Stats” report tables can have totals.

Making a Data List Table

Sometimes you just want to display some data, possibly with a totals row and perhaps with the first column as a label column.

  1. Start by selecting “Data List” as the report Table Type.
  2. Optionally select “Totals Row?” and “First col as label?”.
    NB Totals are only kept for numeric columns.
  3. Click on the “Add” button under the “Columns” label.
  4. Select one or more variables to display. They will display in the order added. Additional variables can be added by clicking on the “Add” button again. To get the desired order it may be necessary to use the “Add” button multiple times.
  5. Click on the “OK” button.

A video is available showing how to make report tables: Making report tables video

Another video is also available showing how to calculate basic statistics like mean, median etc using SOFA Statistics:

Another video is also available showing how to make frequency tables using SOFA Statistics:



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