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Setting variable details e.g. labels

Anywhere you can see a variable, you should be able to right click on it and access its settings. E.g. from a variable added to a report table configuration:

Or a variable in a drop down list in a charts dialog:

Clicking on the variable with the right mouse button will pop up a settings dialog:

This dialog allows you to set:

  • Variable label e.g. “Age Group”. This label will be displayed in reports instead of the variable name e.g. “agegroup”.
  • Notes. You can store any information here about the variable.
  • Data Type. The options are “Nominal (names only)”, “Ordinal (rank only)”, and “Quantity (is an amount)”. This information lets SOFA present appropriate lists of variables for specific tests e.g. quantity variables such as age or height for histograms but not country or gender.
  • Value labels e.g. “Male” for 1 and “Female” for 2. SOFA output will display the value labels.

Starting a New Variable Details File

To make a new var dets file you click on the “Config Vars” button e.g. in the Charts window:

Enter the new name you want and click on the “Apply” button:

And edit a variable in the data form by right-clicking the mouse on a variable header:

which opens the following dialog:

and click the “Update” button:



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